Smart Watch-ID115 Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet



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Smart Watch-ID115 Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet Step Counter Activity Monitor Wristband for Android IOS

  • Throughout the activity records: records count calories, distance, quantity, activity duration. Can always see a day of exercise
  • Self-help + sleep monitoring alarm clock: automatic monitoring sleep duration and sleep quality, sleep can view the trend to improve sleep, and through the vibration alarm clock wake you quietly
  • Remind: intelligent notification be clear at a glance, convenient and timely access to the telephone, SMS, and all kinds of social information. Through sliding began to ring view information content, open you are the one pattern in the set period of time no longer accept information to remind
  • Sedentary remind: by sending a sedentary reminder, remind you to leave the seat for just the right amount of exercise
  • The combination of intelligence and thin: bracelet weighs only 18 g, non-inductive wear

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